“Dr. Ryan is a True Healer”

I have always been suspicious of chiropractic care…you hear so many stories of patients who start down that road and never really seem to heal. So, I’ve always managed my back pain and headaches with massage and exercise. This year, however, I injured my shoulder in yoga and needed some extra care. The very first visit with Dr. Ryan Gessay resulted in significant relief and increased range of motion. Dr. Ryan is a true healer – not on a path to keep you coming back forever – but determined to really heal you. My shoulder is completely healed, but the real change is in my whole body. He worked with my alignment and has relieved my headaches and much of my back pain as well. I had also suffered for a couple of years with neuromas in both feet. Having had cortisone shots and a complete work-over with a podiatrist, I was convinced that I would always have some pain in my feet. Not so…Ryan worked on my feet and ankles a couple of times and all of the swelling and pain disappeared. That was months ago, and I’m still feeling great. I’ve been traveling extensively (walking a lot!) and wearing my best shoes – and still no pain!

On one particular visit, my young son was with me, and he had complained of a stuffy nose and headache. Dr. Ryan offered to check him out and immediately relieved all of his symptoms, without a single “crack”. My son said it was like magic! Now, both of my children see Dr. Ryan whenever they feel anything out of alignment. For me to go from “never seeing a chiropractor” to bringing my most cherished loved ones is a real shift. Dr. Ryan is so incredibly gifted. He is an amazing listener and makes all of his patients feel completely comfortable. If you are ready to finally heal, see Dr. Ryan Gessay!

Angie V. – Encinitas