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My son recommended Dr. Ryan to me as he had successfully helped him with a lingering knee problem. I went as a result of chronic hip pain that I thought I just had to live with. Within 2 visits I was feeling relief and after 4 visits I was totally pain free. I go occasionally now for adjustments or a specific problem that may arise. Dr. Ryan is amazing. He listens carefully and explains things thoroughly. He has been a tremendous help to me and I am grateful for his services. I recommend him highly.”


“I haven’t been to a chiropractor for over 20 years. At 12 I was treated by a chiropractor, but all he seemed to do was crack my neck (which freaked me out). I always ended up feeling more tense afterwards.

After having my son, I had a lot of discomfort in my lower back. I was reluctant to see a chiropractor because of my previous experience. When I got pregnant with our second my back issues became more severe. Since Dr. Gessay had experience treating pregnant patients I thought I would give it a try.

After our first visit I felt immediate relief! I just wish I hadn’t waited so long to see him, I could have avoid the pain that I had been experiencing for the last several years.

Dr. Gessay has a true understanding of the human body and shows a balanced approached to his care. He is extremely gentle and every adjustment is done with my comfort in mind.

I highly recommend TUNE to anyone!!

Thank you guys for everything!”


Came in feeling drained and out of balance. After a month I was feeling like my old self again, more energy and a new outlook on life. I can’t say enough good things about Ryan. He is kind, knowledgeable, and very intuitive.

Yari B.

Dr. Ryan’s holistic approach to healing has been key to the balance of my emotional and physical health. No matter how busy he was, he always finds time to see me if I need to schedule an adjustment at the last minute. Ryan has become a counselor and a friend.

Beatriz M., Reiki Healer

Dr. Ryan has helped me through multiple martial art injuries, sleeping trouble, digestions problems, carpal tunnel and general stress from work, one heck of a guy!

Davin W.

My father is an amazing Chiropractor, back in Wisconsin. I heard from a girl at work that Dr. Ryan fixed a problem she had for years in two visits. I made the appointment. Dr. Ryan made me feel at home. His office was cozy and he was a very patient and positive person. He fixed my foot in one visit, a pain I had for weeks, and there are 26 bones in the foot. He fixed me in less time and even money it would take to fly/cost to go back to WI. He gave as good of service as my Dad could give.

Adrienne N.

After watching my boyfriend experience miraculous healing after seeing Dr. Ryan, I decided to see him after a car accident. Not only did my immediate injuries heal quickly, but I was very excited to see other long standing problems clear up. The most notable being very uncomfortable digestive issues. After really just one visit, the issues were pretty much completely gone! I highly recommend Dr. Ryan as a very accomplished healer.

Sivan G.

Thank you so much for your care, support, wisdom, and guidance. You have been a major part of my personal transformation in the past couple of years. I am forever grateful for the time we have spent together and the relationship we have created. You are a true healer.

Jeremy and Sadie

I can't say enough about how much my experience with Dr. Gesssay has improved my overall condition. As a builder, I just assumed that the pain between my shoulders was a given... working in the trades and steadily advancing into middle age yields the sensation of having a butter knife stuck in your back, doesn't it? I was convinced that I had a "bad back", but after taking up a referral to Dr. Gessay I was informed on my first visit that my problem was caused by some muscles in my back that were seized up.... most likely brought on by stress. The therapy that followed was short,simple and direct... the overall results have been life-changing. Thanks Dr. Gessay

Thomas Kunkel, General Contractor

I started competing in half-marathons and marathons just over a year ago, and I owe Ryan so much for my success in these races. I truly would not have been able to get through these runs without his help.

Throughout the training for my first Half last year, my back was constantly giving me problems. Since i'm a big guy (6'4") my lower back takes quite a pounding from all of the road running. A friend referred me to Ryan, and he was quickly able to relieve me of nearly all the back soreness and pain. My training runs became smoother and more comfortable, and i was able to run a pain-free Half-marathon in under 2 hours.

Then this past July, just 2 weeks before my 1st Full Marathon, i developed plantar fasciitis in my left foot. the pain was so unbearable that i needed to completely halt my training. i could barely walk for 3 days. i really feared that my months of preparation were going to be wasted, and that i wouldn't be able to race. But Ryan saved the day! He literally worked his magic on my foot, while also tweaking and fixing other aches and pains. I ran the SF marathon in just over 4 hours, and my foot felt great for the entire 26 miles.

Chris A.

I'm of the most loathsome variety of Yelper because I like to hide the really good finds and drone endlessly about the really awful shit in some selfish attempt at hording my 5-star finds. Dr. Gessay is a member of my 5-star finds club, and I write this review with gritted teeth because I worry that the day will come when I will have to schedule 3 months in advance or it costs a zillion dollars to see him. When I attempt to explain what he does to my friends I end up using some combination of the words "zen," "shaman," and "healer guy." As in, "yes, most chiropractors really, really suck but he's more like a healer guy with great polo shirts." I have low back pain, and after the first adjustment my low back felt like butter.

(optional rant) I was reticent about hiring a new chiro after a bad experience with another chiropractor who had me doing 1000 other things in addition to chiropractic, like buying a new bed, getting rid of all my big purses and my low-waisted jeans and all my flip-flops.. oh, and I needed to stop eating sugar and I needed to eat those little chicken of the sea cups of flavorless salmon flakes and those disgusting Mary's crackers/amalgamated seed particles. And after a year of that the pain was *still* there! Obviously still bitter about that. I could have gone to Jamaica and not eaten over 49 ounces of salmon flakes. (end of rant)

Dr. Gessay reminds me that my mental and emotional health are significant in terms of pain alleviation, that I can focus on the positive while he focuses on the pain, and that I don't need to replace my shoe collection because he can work around it. :)

Virgie T. (from Yelp)

I have caused trauma to my neck a few times over the past 20 years, including fracturing 2 vertebrae in a bicycle accident in 2001. The discomfort has gotten progressively worse, and over the past few years I have suffered from weekly migraines and begun grinding my teeth in my sleep. I have spent thousands of dollars on chiropractic in the past, and Dr. Ryan Gessay is the first person I have seen who took genuine care and interest in my problem. My treatments with him have created significant positive effects on my health and healing. My headaches are few and far between, and I am feeling great. Additionally, I find Dr. Gessay’s Zone Healing approach provides a stress releasing experience, and I leave each appointment grounded, calm, and with an increased awareness of my mind and body connection.

Brett G.

I am a traveling salesman and in an industry which requires a fair amount of heavy lifting followed by long periods of inactivity (sitting in cars, airplanes, airports, etc.) Though I consider myself quite fit, I suffer from periodic bouts of lower back pain and occasionally sciatica. While I have sought various forms of treatment-- including an intensive yoga practice, acupuncture, and resistance training--still the lower back pains me. Recently I began seeing Dr. Gessay. After my first adjustment, I felt a shift in my body and an immediate sense of ease. I lay down on his table in pain, and got up pain free. The relief was immediate and lasting. To achieve such amazing results after just one adjustment has got me coming back for regular maintenance. Dr. Gessay is now an integral part of my health and fitness regime.

Matt L.

I had never considered going to a chiropractor until incredible pain in both my forearms and neck led me to Dr. Ryan Gessay. Despite my efforts to relieve it, the pain had grown worse and I began to have limited mobility in my neck. I was irritable and frustrated; depression and migraines started to lurk within me. A friend of mine raved about how she felt after an adjustment from Dr. Gessay, and she suggested I make an appointment. From the onset of our first meeting, I knew that Dr. Gessay was interested in my well being because he listened to my symptoms and did not rush our conversation. He patiently answered my questions and reviewed charts with me. When it came time for my neck to be adjusted, I told him I was nervous and he assured me that I was in good hands. He encouraged me to breathe deeply and allow my head, muscles and bones to drift down toward the table. After the tension was released in my neck, it felt like a gust of fresh air entered my body. The pain was gone and I could think and see more clearly. It was this experience that sold me on Dr. Gessay's practice. So whether I am spending too many hours on the computer encouraging repetitive motion injury, jiggling my body's alignment out of place as I bomb down a hillside on my mountain bike or my personal favorite -- loving my lower back by dancing in 4 inch heels, Dr. Gessay is just a phone call away!

Christina T.

For 15 years I've experienced and struggled with migraines that begin with a variety of distorted centrally-based visual symptoms. The visual impairments come on without any kind of warning, blind spots occur in my direct field of vision and they are usually accompanied by zig-zagging lines within the spots that result in spotty peripheral vision. This eventually transforms into a more traditional, very painful headache. The areas of pain are generally behind my eyeballs, both/or one temple, and acute points near the back of my head. The second I see a visual distortion, I retreat to a dark room. While experiencing these migraines, I am absolutely unable to drive or perform normal activities (work, surfing, music rehearsals, yoga etc.) and have difficulty interacting with others. I come from a heavily allergy-ridden family background and seasonality seems to trigger my migraines. I have sought physician and herbalist assistance over the years, have experimented with homeopathy, and have tried countless over-the-counter and pharmaceutical remedies without ever experiencing a solution that works.

I was referred to chiropractic from various friends & family over the years but never took it seriously after hearing horror stories of patients getting injured and/or feeling worse in the long run. It wasn't until my girlfriend referred me to a completely different type of chiropractic practice that focuses on different methods of healing (Zone healing) and could help relieve my migraine condition. Admittedly, I was still dubious about getting bones and joints in my body "cracked" when I wasn't feeling discomfort or pain in those areas. Upon the first visit with Dr. Gessay, we sat down and discussed the exact details of what my symptoms were. He explained, more in-depth, about his background and healing methods very succinctly. Next, he explained with complete confidence how these methods would help my condition. He provided an adjustment that completely eased what felt literally like a clogged artery or vein. I could actually feel the release by scanning my fingers over the lower-back of my skull. At the same time, I felt an overall release on my spine, central nervous system and psyche that I've never before experienced. I have been able to fully pursue my hobbies and continue an active lifestyle after seeing Dr. Gessay, especially during allergic periods (fall/winter/spring). My migraine condition has cleared up almost entirely and it took roughly 15 years to find this solution. I couldn't be more ecstatic!

Doug M.

I began seeing Dr. Gessay for chiropractic adjustments because of discomfort from an old gymnastics neck injury. I received great results within a short period of time but was pleasantly surprised with additional positive results. For the past 8 years I’ve experienced back and abdominal pain during my menstrual cycle. The pain kept me awake at night, disrupted my schedule and sometimes pain medication wasn’t effective in reducing the discomfort. I asked my gynecologist for advice and was given muscle relaxers. Although it was an upgrade, planning to take a pill for the next 30+ years of my life didn’t feel like a real solution.

After just a few weeks of chiropractic visits the pain I experienced during my cycle reduced drastically. It was the first time I had made it through a menstrual cycle without pain medication since high school. The improvements in my second cycle were even more astounding. It was pain free. I never expected that the pain could go away naturally, I thought the discomfort was something I would just have to grow accustomed to. I would suggest to any woman who has had similar experiences to receive chiropractic adjustments from Dr. Gessay. It is life changing and I only wish I had discovered it sooner!

Tina F.

For two years I struggled to sit up and walk. Dr. Ryan was the answer to getting me back on track. I have been to other chiropractors before and when I was faced with probably the biggest injury of my life, I found my primary caretakers not really giving me the answers I needed to heal.

I gained 20 pounds after my injury and my overall health was at an all-time low. I had been injured and inactive from all sports for 2 years. Why? My own doctors had given up on me and, like a fool, I gave up on myself. X-rays showed a lumbar injury; blown discs and my physician and original chiropractor informed me that I would not be able to play soccer. They suggested swimming. Swimming??! Soon after, I was referred to Dr. Ryan by my yoga instructor. I was willing to do whatever it took to get back on the field and play soccer, Dr. Ryan saw that in me. He believes in the human body, he believes in his own expertise, and he explains that it takes motivation and determination from the patient to truly want to heal and to achieve their own personal goals, whatever they may be. He is not just a great chiropractor; he’s a life coach. He’s a very positive guy and knows his stuff.

After seeing Dr. Ryan for a few visits, he advised me to start running. I was shocked and scared, but also very excited. He asked me when I wanted to play soccer - I told him the league starts in 3 months, he said, “No problem, you’ll be playing soccer in 3 months.” I signed up for the league, which was also scary and exciting.

I am playing soccer again, the sport I love. I remember the first time I stepped onto the soccer field after my visits with Dr. Ryan; it felt like the first time again. Last night I played and with every game I play, I’m thankful for my resilient body, my own determination to succeed, and I will never lose an ounce of gratitude for my facilitator in healing, Dr. Ryan Gessay.

Omid K.

I first came in to see Dr. Gessay for an injury in my hip and groin area and felt great relief just after the first visit. The pain diminished and I had greater flexibility right away. I came back for a second adjustment and that was all I needed to clear this issue. What I particularly like about Dr. Gessay's approach is that he treats my whole body and he really takes his time to see what's going on with all the imbalances. I very much appreciate how he explains the effects of his treatment on the various systems of the body - and he is always gentle, fun and supportive, leaving you feeling well cared for. I now occasionally see Dr. Gessay whenever my body gets out of balance again and I always walk out feeling taller and more stable, and last time I even felt that the chiropractic adjustment also cleared out my sinuses.

Ewa L.

I came to Dr. Gessay after injuring my knee during a long trail run. After performing an over-all evaluation Dr. Gessay recommended a weekly treatment program that allowed me to continue my training for the upcoming 2010 Presidio 10. The seven weekly visits leading up to the race not only helped me recover but also built up my confidence that my knee would be able to perform when I most needed it. On race day I was ready and was able to beat my goal time of 72:00 by one minute without experiencing pain and I finished in 25th place over-all.

Stuart W.

It is a funny thing how in life we often take what comes to us and just "deal with it." When it comes to our bodies, this is probably more often true than not. While I am a young, active, athletic, person (having the experience of two knee surgeries behind me), I always just assumed any body ailment, annoyance, twitch, ache, or burn was something that could be "dealt with," "endured," or "accepted." This was true until I got to the point where my 27 yr-old-self was feeling pain so regularly that I didn't really want to move anymore. Now that was just crazy! Dr. Gessay was most amazing in that he took something that I had been "accepting" for 11 years, and dissolved the chronic pain with non-aggressive and gentle ease. His explanations only deepened my understanding of my body, explained why the tension/misalignment/pain occurred in the first place, and clued me into the several different systems at work inside. It was amazing to feel the effects of his adjustments and to witness how much he could tell by gentle navigation of key points. Never before did I think that a visit to the chiropractor would do so much to lift such a weight off my bones! Pun intended.

Lindsey M.

I have been getting stressed induced headaches since I was 15 years old. They were terrible headaches: I’d get dizzy, nauseous, and have to stop whatever I was doing and go lay in a dark room for the rest of the day. Dr. Gessay adjusted my spine to retrain certain parts that were out of line, affecting blood flow to my brain. I had one headache a few weeks after beginning my adjustments, and it was totally manageable, a huge change from before. After two months of seeing Dr. Gessay, my spine is back in line, my adjustments are finished, and I’m absolutely thrilled to be headache free.

Laura M.

Dr. Ryan has completely redefined my expectations and image of what a chiropractic doctor can do. When my friend & personal trainer recommended I see him for a nagging ankle injury, my curiosity was peaked. My immediate thought was: how is a spine doctor going to fix my ankle? Not only has Dr. Ryan helped eradicate the pain in my ankle, he's been my go-to doctor for healing all sorts of aches and ailments. I had some dizziness after a minor head injury that I casually mentioned to Dr. Ryan. He told me that there are receptors in the neck in addition to the ear that help the body maintain balance. I gave him a CSI-like recounting of events and this helped him decide what sort of adjustment to do. The result: no more dizziness effective immediately! I was very pleasantly surprised. Dr. Ryan's approach focuses on whole-body wellness. He has helpful placards on his wall that visually illustrate the series of body systems he's looking to put into balance when he works with you. They're a reminder of how thorough and comprehensive his thought process is. And on top of all this, he's a really nice guy. Seriously. I've sent my mom & wife to him.

Christian K.

In 2008 I was in a car accident leaving me with severe whiplash, which in turn threw off my thoracic spine to such a degree that I had no curve in it, which in turn contorted and rotated my lower back. My wrists were also torqued from hitting the dashboard. I had previously gone to another chiropractor for a year with hardly any results at all. I was hesitant to try another chiropractor but was recommended by a friend and I am so grateful that I did. I came to Dr. Ryan Gessay with major compression in my upper back, my left shoulder in severe pain, and my low back/right hip totally compacted. Within 7-8 visits I was healed! I kid you not. I can finally breathe and it doesn’t feel like I'm being stabbed! I had also been highly "allergic" to dairy, soy, fish, meat, and eggs for 2 1/2-3yrs and with the help of Dr. Gessay, I can now enjoy all of these foods! Dr. Gessay is a true healer and a genius in his field.

I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Gessay’s care to anyone, for that is what it truly is. He gave me the attention each patient deserves and it shows in the results. I am so grateful to Dr. Gessay. He gave me the freedom I've been wanting for a long time bodily, and mentally. I now feel happier and more at ease then I had been prior to experiencing his care. I am sure you will find the success in treatment that I have. Happy Tuning!

Kerry M.

The best part about Dr. Gessay is that he truly cares about his clients and that carries over into every aspect of his practice. Before my first appointment, I was experiencing low energy, headaches, and dizzy spells. After one session my head was clear, dizzy spells vanished, and my energy level increased, he literally changed my life! Dr. Gessay also treated my wife during her pregnancy and now treats our baby. I highly recommend Dr. Gessay for his integrity, knowledge and mastery of his practice.

Marty H.

When I was pregnant, I began to have the dreaded sciatic pain that so many women suffer from during pregnancy. Despite my consistent yoga practice and massage therapy, the stabbing pain that woke me up at night did not subside. When I was four months into pregnancy, I finally went in for my first visit with Dr. Gessay. From the start, his adjustments brought me relief. I was concerned that I would be aggressively manipulated and potentially cause harm to my body, but Dr. Gessay's approach, which focuses on the nervous system, was in alignment with my beliefs. He was gentle and extremely informative during all our sessions. He even helped improve my acid reflux symptoms toward the end of my pregnancy!

In addition, when my daughter was 3 weeks old she was diagnosed with colic and suffered from acid reflux. It was agonizing to see her in pain every time she ate, and the all-day crying fits were overwhelming. We began treatments on her, which consisted of gentle manipulations and what seemed like a light massage of her neck. With each adjustment, my daughter’s demeanor improved significantly. Trust me when I tell you that parents with colic babies will do anything to relieve their child's distress. And Dr. Gessay was that relief. He had the confidence and skills to assist me as an adult, and my daughter as a newborn. Plus, he loves babies! He is a must-have for your pre and post-natal care.

Loryn H.

This past August I suffered a severe sprained ankle while playing soccer. After months of rest, rehabilitation, and consultation by orthopedists, my ankle improved but never reached 100%. Through a recommendation from a trusted friend, I decided to give chiropractic care a try for the first time. I couldn't imagine how chiropractic care could possibly help my ankle. Also, I've always been hesitant to seek chiropractic care for two reasons. First, I didn't like the idea of someone adjusting sensitive areas - mainly the neck and back - and second, my own general opinion of chiropractors was that they were not to be trusted.

Dr. Ryan Gessay addressed my concerns by clearly explaining each step of the process as well as the science behind his work. He asked many questions before even touching my body, and patiently answered the many questions I had. After 1 week of seeing Dr. Ryan, I noticed a marked decrease in pain and increase in function. And after about 3 weeks, I was able to return to playing competitive soccer and my ankle now feels just as strong as before the injury.

Lastly, I was surprised at how Dr. Ryan’s work also contributed to an improved and peaceful state of emotional well-being. With each adjustment, I felt increasingly more connected to my body, my emotions, and the environment and people around me. I wholeheartedly recommend anyone to give Dr. Ryan and his work a try!

Marco M.

Before I discovered Dr. Ryan and Tune Chiropractic, I'd resigned myself to living in a state of constant, chronic pain. For over a decade, I'd experienced intense back and neck discomfort from degenerative and herniated disks, and nothing I tried--Chi Gong, yoga, Western medicine, alternative treatments--put a dent in it. Eventually even my reflexes had enough and stopped responding! Add to this some heinous migraines, and you have a very unhappy person consumed with one thought: stop this pain.

After one visit with Dr. Ryan, I could lean over and touch my toes without back pain for the first time in years. A few more, and I no longer had bi-weekly migraines. Ryan was able to get the reflexes in my knees and arms to come back fully, and I'm able to run, workout, and enjoy being in my body again. I don't have to treat myself like a broken object, which I think is how I viewed my body for a long, long time.

Feeling miserable all the time is a very dark thing. Until Dr. Ryan helped me recover myself, I didn't even realize how much it affected all the other parts of my life. I'm happier, more able to focus on doing what I love, and am truly amazed at Dr. Ryan's ability to intuit and heal--rather than mask and cover up--pain.

Wendy A.