Tune Lupus Healing Story

Solana Beach chiropractor, Dr. Ryan Gessay, interviews, Hildy, a patient, who has suffered with lupus for 27 years.

“I’ve been living with lupus for 27 years and came to Tune Chiropractic to see if they could help me. I’ve been coming here once a week and I feel great, I even forget that I have lupus…” – Hildy

Neck Pain Healing Story

Dr. Ryan Gessay interviews Joe, a brazilian jiu jitsu black belt, who has suffered from neck pain as a result of training.

“I’m a brazilian jiu jitsu black belt, I noticed some problems with my neck as a result of training.  I came down to see Dr. Ryan and he sorted me all out.” – Joe

Shoulder, Arm and Forearm Pain Healing Story

Dr. Ryan Gessay interviews Jared, a musician from the Mattson 2, who has suffered with pain in his shoulder, arms and forearms for 10 years.

For the longest time, about 10 years, I’ve had problems with my forearms and my shoulder. I’ve seen tons of people in the past. Now that I’m going to Ryan, I feel like this problem will finally be solved, for good.” – Jared

Sports Enhancement and Injury Rehabilitation Healing Story

Dr. Ryan Gessay receives a voice-mail from a patient who was told that she would never play soccer again.

“I just got finished playing soccer. Thank you for helping me get back to this point. I LOVE IT!!.” – TUNE Chiropractic patient

Shoulder and Back Pain Healing Story

Dr. Ryan Gessay interviews Derek, a local UPS driver, who has suffered from shoulder and back pain for years.

“I haven’t been able to run for at least 3 years. A couple of days after my 6th visit I was able to RUN AGAIN.” – Derek

TUNE Featured in Ranch & Coast Magazine

Want some health and wellness tips worth sticking to this holiday season? Dr. Ryan and Jenna were recently featured in Ranch and Coast Magazine. In the article, “Tips for a Healthy Holiday” they suggest tips that will allow you to fully enjoy this joyful time of year, rather than merely surviving it.

Click here to read the article Tips For A Healthy Holiday

“Dr. Ryan is a True Healer”

I have always been suspicious of chiropractic care…you hear so many stories of patients who start down that road and never really seem to heal. So, I’ve always managed my back pain and headaches with massage and exercise. This year, however, I injured my shoulder in yoga and needed some extra care. The very first visit with Dr. Ryan Gessay resulted in significant relief and increased range of motion. Dr. Ryan is a true healer – not on a path to keep you coming back forever – but determined to really heal you. My shoulder is completely healed, but the real change is in my whole body. He worked with my alignment and has relieved my headaches and much of my back pain as well. I had also suffered for a couple of years with neuromas in both feet. Having had cortisone shots and a complete work-over with a podiatrist, I was convinced that I would always have some pain in my feet. Not so…Ryan worked on my feet and ankles a couple of times and all of the swelling and pain disappeared. That was months ago, and I’m still feeling great. I’ve been traveling extensively (walking a lot!) and wearing my best shoes – and still no pain!

On one particular visit, my young son was with me, and he had complained of a stuffy nose and headache. Dr. Ryan offered to check him out and immediately relieved all of his symptoms, without a single “crack”. My son said it was like magic! Now, both of my children see Dr. Ryan whenever they feel anything out of alignment. For me to go from “never seeing a chiropractor” to bringing my most cherished loved ones is a real shift. Dr. Ryan is so incredibly gifted. He is an amazing listener and makes all of his patients feel completely comfortable. If you are ready to finally heal, see Dr. Ryan Gessay!

Angie V. – Encinitas

“This is Healing From the Inside Out”

Intuitive Wellness – what is that exactly? Well, it has a lot to do with peace and finding your own path and purpose in life. And Jenna Bleth does it better than anyone I’ve ever met. Jenna is incredibly grounded and connected to spirit, so much so, that she can help others connect in as well. In your first session, she will know so much about you that you can’t imagine how she knows these things, but it feels great to be in such an honest and safe space. Jenna will help you to see and hear your own specific spiritual guides and will help you access your particular purpose in this life. Your entire body will feel the health that is meant to be so that you can work toward your real goals.

I work in the field of finance and accounting – my world is very exact and analytical. The experience with Jenna is so real that it cannot be denied. This is not some “airy fairy pixie dust” – this is the real thing. This is healing from the inside out – understanding that you and you alone have the power to accomplish what you truly desire. This experience allows you to actually see why you are here and how perfectly life can unfold for you when you are connected to that purpose.

I have no doubt that Jenna’s gifts will reach millions, and that she will bring great change to the world. I’m grateful that I have the opportunity to work with her now.

Angie V. – Encinitas

“Jenna Has Touched My Soul”

Jenna has touched my soul and helped to awaken my spirit in many ways. With her Reiki treatment she has enabled my mind and body to do things I have always wanted to do but never had the courage. She has helped me to learn to love myself for who I am and to be grateful for the things I have now and will have in the future. I am now more aware of my mind and body connection and am much happier in my life.

Thank you!
Brooke – Encinitas