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At Tune we treat the whole person harmonizing body, mind, and soul. We are dedicated to providing innovative, specialized services that balance and empower peoples’ lives. People come to Tune to feel better, create a more active life, and discover better overall health. Whether in pain, affected by disease, or simply wanting to improve your health, we welcome you. We serve people of all ages and walks of life to create optimal health through life expression.

Head and Neck Pain

Today’s modern daily activities like office work, driving, studying, texting and other “head forward” repetitive strenuous movements can create constant neck strain. Trauma can also lead to several limiting uncomfortable conditions. Common injuries we see in this area are Neck Pain, Whiplash, Headaches, Migraines, TMJ disorders, Facial pain, Vertigo, chronic ear infections in children, Thoracic outlet syndrome, Neuropathy, Disk disorders, Arthritis, and facet syndrome. Our goal when addressing issues in the neck and head is to restore healthy movement, and through specialized techniques we can create a solution that can help you find relief and mobility.

Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common sources of pain in the body, with 85% of people experiencing back pain at some point in their life. The back is a delicate system of bones, nerves, ligaments and fascia. If the back is traumatized, whether through overuse, repetitive strain or injury, a cycle of pain and worsening injury can occur.

Studies have shown that chiropractic care may be a better treatment option than medical intervention. In a recent study, chiropractic patients were more satisfied with their back care providers after four weeks of treatment than were medical patients.1 Furthermore, chiropractic treatments can be cost effective when compared to other forms of back pain treatment. Another study reported that spinal manipulative therapy was cost effective for treating moderate to chronic lower back pain, as compared to other therapies.2 Additionally, another study found chiropractic care decreased the cost of pharmaceuticals by 85% compared with conventional medicine.3 At Tune we are able to treat back pain and address the root causes of the pain with innovative methods like Zone Healing and Active Release Techniques®.

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can be caused by trauma to the shoulder as well as inflammation which develops over time. Frozen shoulder and shoulder bursitis are both very painful conditions which require attentive rehabilitation over time. Shoulder pain can be treated and it is not normal to live with a shoulder that limits range of motion or body position so come in for a consultation if experiencing these symptoms.

Hand and Wrist Pain

Hands and wrists are some of the most used and complicated joints in the body. More than ever before, people are overworking their hands and wrists. From typing to texting, carpal tunnel, numbness and tingling are becoming more common. Additionally, aging affects the tendons and can result in trigger finger and tendonitis. If you are experiencing any of these conditions, Dr. Gessay can evaluate your hands and recommend the best rehabilitation treatment to end your pain.

Elbow Pain

The elbow has a few painful, yet treatable, conditions. It is a joint that contains many long tendons and bursae. Repetitive movements and overuse can cause tendonitis and also bursitis. If experiencing chronic pain in movements that are restricting your daily activities, come in for an evaluation and learn about possible solutions.

Pelvis and Hip Pain

Our hips and pelvis are essential for mobility and can be a factor in spine health, leg and knee pain, and lower back pain. Over time through both repetitive activity and lack of movement, painful conditions can occur such as bursitis, sciatica, and IT Band Syndrome. Pregnancy can also put added pressure and pain on the hips. Both hip and pelvis mobility and alignment can be treated through several techniques to help achieve balance and harmony.

Knee Pain

The knee is a complex joint that is made up of tendons and ligaments and is susceptible to injury through sports and aging. Tears, effusion, patellar subluxation, tendonitis, and arthritis can all affect the knee and ultimately cause enough pain to stop us from enjoying our favorite activities and even affect our ability to walk. At Tune we can help you regain mobility in your knee achieving function and optimal knee health. Schedule a consultation if you have knee pain for a thorough evaluation and treatment plan.

Foot and Ankle Pain

Having a strong and mobile foundation is critical for both athletic performance and daily activities. Both the ankle and foot are complex segments of the body that play an important role for movement and stability. Through athletic activities or overuse, muscle sprains and tears, shin splints, numbness and tingling, and IT Band Syndrome can arise. We can address any leg, foot or ankle issues as part of our whole body approach, so you can get back to unlimited mobility and strength.

Chronic Conditions

Many people suffer from chronic conditions that can lead to debilitating symptoms such as frequent pain or migraines. Whether the root cause of your pain is related to injury, stress or a medical condition, we can develop an individualized program to help restore your body to its optimum condition. With innovative techniques like Active Release Techniques® and Zone Healing, we can help you live life pain free.

Start Feeling Better & Get Back to What You Love

Dr. Gessay is experienced in identifying the source of pain and he works with each patient to find the best treatment plan for them. Contact us to schedule an evaluation.

1. Am J Public Health. 2002 October; 92(10): 1628–1633.
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3.The Alternative Medicine Integration Study. Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, May 2007.

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